Director, dramaturg, playwright

Having trained at the Oxford School of Drama as an actor, I began making my own work in 2006. I secured a number of small grants to fund periods of R&D on subjects that held particular interest to me.

The Return was the story of a woman who returns to her apartment in the Balkans to find another person living there.

In No Place Like Home I worked with people who had direct experience of conflict on the subject of “home” when you are forced to leave it.

While in I am In Training, I explored the story of the artist sisters Claude Cahun and Marcel Moore and the resistance activities they carried out during the Second World War in Jersey.

As a dramaturg, I worked with the company Little Wonder on the development of an autobiographical show and with Nanzikambe to help shape the structure of Tariro, in which I was a performer and deviser.

As a playwright, my short play The House of Shards was given a rehearsed reading at the Soho Theatre and a scratch performance at Wild Card Brewery Walthamstow.

I am now collaborating with my husband, the disabled dance artist Shyne Phiri, on a new dance theatre show about a long-distance love affair and the difficulties the couple have in uniting under the current immigration crackdown. A scratch performance of Love Across the Line was shown as part of Lake if Stars London on March 10 2018.

To find out more about my work as a theatre maker please see the Ambitus Theatre website.